Received 1-1-2001

Blessed is the man who trusts in God.  God has granted him favor to enable him to have an awareness of the unseen supernatural world. Let that man walk in obedience and the desires of his heart will come to pass.  He shall witness the power of God displayed before his eyes.  He shall rest secure.

Oh how I reach out to My people every day.  I call to them and I whisper their name. I tell them how much I love them.   Will they hear?  Will they listen?  Will they call out to Me?  They are precious to Me.  I will not allow them to stumble.  I will keep them safe.  My desire is for them to be with Me where I am.

Received 1-5-01

Respond to the joy that is in your heart. Let Me guide you. I have not given up on you. My promises are eternal. Call upon Me and sense My presence with you. Invite Me to be with you.

I am holding you. Don’t turn away from Me. Don’t let this world hold you. You will be disappointed if you do.

Watch for Me in what is happening around you, the people you meet and talk to. All of them are sent by Me. Does that surprise you? Can I not do this and more? See how important it is to be ready and to guard over your words and actions? You are My hands, My lips.

Trust Me to accomplish My will for your family. When I bring someone to Me in relationship, I also work in the lives of their family. I work in those around them.

Seek Me and dedicate what you do to Me. Consecrate your life. Even if you are doing your job, you can bring Me glory by doing it heartily. No one appreciates an average performance, job or deed. Only the best are recognized and praised.

Received 1-10-01

Come to Me all of you who are hurting and those in pain.  I will bind up your wounds.  I will comfort you and give you My peace.  My arms will hold you and I will speak words of life and affirmation to you.  Together we will weather the storm in your life.  If you let Me, I will be your shield.  I will assign My angels to guard over you to defend you against the attacks of the enemy.

Put your trust in Me and rest in My provision and promises.  Do not focus on your problems and hurts, but rather look to Me.  Remember all of the promises in My Word.  Stand in the authority you have as My child and heir.  Know that I love you and I will not allow the enemy to harm you without restraint.  Learn from your experiences so that you can be compassionate to your brother in need.

Pain can keep you from greater harm.  Pain can be a teacher and a means to greater faith.  Pain is an opportunity to grow in your relationship with Me.  Do not forget how brief your life is compared to eternity.  Look to the day when you will be with Me where I am.  Reach out to others in need as you would want them to help you.  My Father and I will take notice and We will bless you.

Received 1-16-01

Will I find faith on the earth when I return? Will My people be doing My business?  Will there be an expectation for My return or will people hide themselves? Oh that My people would be with Me, but are they ready and eager for that day as I am?  I will pour our My Spirit and they will be made ready.  I will give them the power to transform the world.  They will be as lights in a dark place.  Those who are hungry will come to Me.  I will pour out My love and grace.  My invitation for life will be irresistible.  Their eyes will be opened to the truth.  There will be great rejoicing in heaven on the day.  Be doing what I have called you to do and you will receive a great reward for your faithfulness.

Received 1-23-01

The names of My people are before Me always.  I remember them and think about them.   I listen for their prayers.  I rejoice in their praises.  They are My family and I eagerly await for the time when they will be with Me forever.  I love to surprise them with special blessings they aren’t expecting.  I love to make My presence known to them.

Seek Me often.  Let Me refresh you with My Spirit.  Let Me hold you and comfort you.  Let Me direct your steps.  Blessed is the man who does this.  He will be in My favor.

Received 1-27-01

You will rise up and see the glory of the Lord.  He will come with His angels.  His splendor and majesty will be evident.  Your eyes will be on Him.  Those of the world will cower in fear. They will hide in their shame and unbelief. He will establish His kingdom for all eternity.  His righteousness will abound. His peace will bring peace.  His glory will erase all of the shame of the past.  Creation will groan no more.

Blessed are those who see that day.  Blessed are those who longed for that day to come. Man’s efforts will fail, but God will succeed and do even more than man could ever imagine. This will not be utopia, but rather God’s kingdom.

Received 2-11-01

Grace and mercy be unto you.  I am holding you in My arms.  I love you.  Is there anything I would not do for you?  Do not be snared by the way the people of this world think.  My love is not conditional.  My resources are unlimited.

Received 2-25-01

How can we describe the love of God?  It is unconditional and it has no limit.  Yet He chooses one over another.  Abel’s gift was better than Cain’s.  Isaac was to be the son of promise instead of Ishmael. Jacob was blessed more than Esau.  He rewards those who have faith and without faith it is impossible to please Him.  He loved us from the foundation of the world.  He showed His love to us even when we were still full of sin by sending His Son to us.  Jesus displayed His love for the Father in His obedience to all that the Father wanted Him to do.  Scripture says that love covers a multitude of sins as confirmed by Christ’s blood shed to wash away the stain of all of our sins.  Jesus showed His love for the hurting and sick by healing them in His compassion and grace.  The Father loves us in that He made salvation a gift to be received rather than to be earned.  Love is displayed in sending His Spirit to be with us.  He loves us in His judgment of sin for without judgment there would be no contrast to his love.  He rewards those who obey His commands yet how can one distinguish a change in love that is infinite?  Love never fails.  Love is greater than faith and hope.  We have love because He first loved us.  Perfect love casts out fear.  He loves us in His constant thoughts toward us.  He loves us in His complete knowledge of us from our conception to our death.  He won’t let us go once we are in His hands.  Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Received 3-8-01

He who reigns in power is faithful and true.  He can be depended on to fulfill His promises.  Great is His Name.

Come to Me and find rest for your soul. Focus on who I am and not on your concerns.  I will not allow you to stumble.  Receive a measure of My love for it will sustain you.

Received 3-23-01

Great is My love for you.  I am calling for you. Will you respond?  I want you to be with Me in My presence.  Where there is peace, there I am.  Where there is love, I am present.  My majesty is displayed before you, but My tenderness will comfort you.  I am not far away, but I will be as near to your heart as you will let Me to be.  Be strong and courageous for together We will overcome the challenges in your life.  My blessings are upon you.  I go before you to grant you favor.  Enlarge your heart for I will be putting more of My love in it.  You will have to give it away for it will be more than you can hold on to.  Be full of grace and let your words be life to others.  You are Mine and others will see.

Received 3-28-01

I will sustain you with My hand upon you.  My gift to you is My love.  It is for you and those with you.  It is to be given away.  Will you love Me in return?  Will you show your love for Me by your obedience?  I will help you.  My Spirit is not idle and He will instruct you.  His power is given to you as you exercise your faith in Me.

Received 4-5-01

No greater love exists than for man to lay down his life for his friends.  Am I your friend?  Will you lay down your life for Me?  Will you yield to Me?  Will you trust Me?  Do not be deceived by this world with its rebellious thinking and attitudes.  I have much more to offer you than the fleeting pleasures of this world.  I have eternal rewards and gifts of love that bring true fulfillment and joy.  I will not withhold what is good.  As you seek Me and My righteousness I will meet your every need and even more.  Your desires will change to that which is really good and beneficial.  No more will what you have, seem to be important compared to the riches found in Me.  Seek more of Me and you will find contentment.  I will be found by those who search after Me, by those who hunger for what is not seen.

Received 4-15-01

He is risen!  Yes and I am alive forevermore to be with you and comfort you in your time of need.  I know everything about you.  I know your secret desires.  I know what will give you lasting joy and fulfillment.  I know your hurts and weaknesses.  There is nothing that can surprise Me, so why do you pretend I don’t see?  Why do you struggle with your problems when I am there to help you?

I have put before you choices for good or for bad.  I have made My will known to you.  I give you opportunities to do good and to help others in need.  I extend My grace to allow you to do what you cannot do in your own strength.  I grant you favor with your enemies.  Do not take My blessings in your life for granted.  Rejoice and be glad for your Redeemer lives!

Received 4-28-01

The joy of the Lord brings strength for it carries with it knowledge of the all-powerful God.  The hope of the universe is found in the Son.  He has fulfilled the promise of the ages and now is exalted over all.  How can you measure love that has existed from all eternity?  Can we receive His unconditional love for us knowing how unworthy we are?  Yet that is truth.  He really does love us in spite of what we have done both in thought and in deed.  His love started before we were conceived.  Why do we resist His will? Can we not trust the One who loves us so to know what is best for us?  Don’t we want to serve Him freely to show our love in return? What seems difficult to accept at the time becomes a beautiful thing as time passes.  We see His wisdom and knowledge in His perfect will.  We can only bow in worship for what He has done.  He rescues us many times over from our follies. He delivers us from our enemies and we may not even be aware of the danger.  Praise His holy name!

Received 6-28-01

Now is the time for you to do what I am calling you to do. I will open your eyes and you will see a path before you.  You will know in your spirit what you are to do. Your heart will race in anticipation, as My anointing will overcome you. Nothing will hinder what I want you to do. Oh the enemy will try to discourage you, but he will have no power over My will for your life. My words are life and holiness and peace.

See I am giving you more boldness and faith to step out beyond what you now are doing. Hurting people will come to you like a trickle at first, but later it will be a stream. You will think you can’t do anything, but I will empower you and in your weakness I will be glorified. You and your wife will pray and I will hear and answer.  I have placed you where you are for My purposes. Already people are seeing in you what they lack and I will cause that lack to be a large hole that will force them to seek you out. You must be aware of My Spirit as He leads you to speak.

Set aside time to intercede for others. Make it your focus to pray.

Received 6-30-01

My Spirit is drawing people to Me.  He is speaking to hearts.  He is exposing the emptiness that comes from this world. What was a pleasure is now a curse.  What was thought to be freedom is now bondage. It is your role to show My love to them. Let them experience love that has no strings. Let them see your love for Me and how I have filled the void in your life. As the time nears to the end of this age, you will see Me at work for I will be at work in you and in others around you. Nothing occurs by chance, for I know everything and work out everything for My purposes. Do not be discouraged by what you see happening in this world, for the enemy is also at work to steal, kill and destroy.  Those whose hearts are cold and full of themselves are tools in his hands. The darkness is blacker, but My people are brighter still.  I desire to reveal more of what I am doing and I will at the right time. I want you to know in advance so you will be amazed at My glory revealed in My actions in the lives of men. The heavens and earth will display My glory and the mockers will be put to shame. Oh they will have their explanations, but the truth will be evident to those of discernment.

If you desire more of Me, it must come from yourself.  For I am always with you and I can’t give you any more. It is up to you to yield to Me and to open up to Me. It is for you to spend more time with Me, waiting upon My words. I will help you. I will give you grace to do what you cannot do alone.

Give and it shall be given unto you. What do you want? Then give that same thing to others and see if it does not come back to you in abundance.

Received 7-4-01

May My people be blessed!  For those who seek Me, I will be found.  I am near at all times. I never leave you. But it takes a seeking heart to come into My presence and I know your heart.  I am restoring what the locusts have devoured in your life. You will find favor in all that you do, but do not presume upon this, for it is I who bring it to pass.  Cover your life with prayer and seek to know My will. Do not measure your success by the world’s standards, but by My standards and you will find true contentment and joy.

When you are idle, then pray. I will bring before your mind who to pray for. Be at peace and enjoy this time of refreshing.

Received 7-6-01

Watch and pray. Be focused on Me.  Let My words sustain you and nourish you. Great is the power of a man who knows Me and who is confident in what I can do. The small steps of faith become great strides in the spiritual realm. It is like a trumpet is blown. The angels become alert in anticipation of what I will do in response. The enemy also takes notice and is prepared to give up ground. Precious in My sight is the person who is willing to believe in Me though his eyes are unable to see. I will delight to reveal Myself in ways that will strengthen him. Once the foundation stone of faith is laid in a person’s life it becomes as a tree with its root going deep to be nourished from My river. Its structure rises with each experience and trial. It becomes a beautiful thing in My eyes. I fashion it to reflect My glory.

Received 7-14-01

Come to Me all of you who are burdened and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me. I will direct you and guide you. I will make your enemies to be at peace with you. I will give you success. I will bless you.

Many who think of Me try to understand Me. They imagine how I think and act. They would be better to read My Word and then pray to My Spirit to give them meaning. I love to reveal Myself through My Word. Grow in your understanding of Me for this is the key to life. I do not change. I love and discipline My people. I intervene in their lives to make Myself known. I listen for their prayers. I examine their hearts and motives. I put them into situations, which will challenge their faith. They will learn about Me and about themselves. I will expose their sin, first to themselves and then if they don’t respond, I will make it known to others. I want them to recognize sin so they will live holy lives before man. I have covered their sin with My righteous blood.

Keep your life in balance for in doing so you will gain contentment and peace. But I will ask of you to do what may seem to be difficult things. This will lead you to prayer and greater faith. When you are obedient you will be blessed beyond what you can ever imagine. I will satisfy your soul. You will be a blessing to others and My kingdom will be advanced.

Received 7-15-01

I am coming soon. I am coming to bring judgment to this world for their unbelief and rebellion. Before I come, I will extend My hand of grace and mercy to draw many to Myself. I do not wish that men should perish, but I can’t make them respond against their will. Recognize the signs of the times and proclaim Me and My kingdom to all. Do not be deceived by what this world has to offer.  Do not believe the lies of the media. Rather fill your mind and heart with thoughts of Me and My Word. I will take notice of a heart that is prepared for service. That person shall be blessed and the path that person travels will be full of the fruit of good deeds and changed lives.

Received 7-20-01

A day of victory is coming. A day full of joy for My people. There will be new insights into My Word and people will understand the signs of the times. A new spirit of boldness will allow My people to proclaim the gospel without fear in the midst of persecution. In fact it will be an honor to suffer for My Name. Great will be the displays of My power in the heavens and on the earth. Strong men will melt in fear. There will be shaking and trembling of an unusual nature. There will be upheavals of the ground. Rivers will run dry. Caverns will appear and swallow up cities.  Forests will be flattened. Fire will burn uncontrollably in many areas. Unusual smells and sounds will occur. Panic and mayhem will be widespread. It will seem that every man will fight for his own existence as governments collapse under the confusion and destruction. Peace and safety will be difficult to find, but I will shelter My people and they will be protected as if in an invisible cocoon. Be patient and wait for the great day of My appearing is near.

Received 7-30-01

May the joy of the Lord keep you in good health.  He is our shield and fortress. He is the victory over our enemies. Let us give thanks to His Name forever and ever.

Those who wait upon Me will see good days. They will recognize the times and be forewarned. They will rise up early in My presence and rest at night in My peace. Their names are ever before Me and I speak them before the angels. My hand reaches out to them and they will be secure. The mockers will not stand. The evil one will fall. But those who choose to follow Me will stand. Even now I am working on your behalf to accomplish My will and purposes.  Grace and mercy be unto you all the days of your life. Let this be your goal: to love and serve Me with all of your heart.

Received 8-5-01

How can I express My love for you? What can I give to you so you will know how I think about you every day? If I bless you with riches, will you recognize this as coming from Me or will your pride be lifted up? Would wisdom and knowledge help you to see Me? Would miracles and healings and signs and wonders convey My love? How long would it be before these were forgotten? Do you really understand the cost I paid on your behalf when I sent My Son to die for you? Were you there with Me when My heart was breaking as He died? Did you feel the agony and weight of your sins upon His shoulders? Did you see how He suffered as they mocked Him, even those whom he had healed? Did you stay with Him in his suffering or did you flee out of fear and unbelief?

Even now do you forget what I have done for you? Even now do you struggle to make time for Me in your busy-ness? Be at peace for My grace will cover you. I have not left you alone; My Spirit is at work in you to accomplish what I desire. All you must do is to yield your will to Me and you will be free.  You will enter into the throne room and be changed before My presence. I am working and I will not stop until all that is foreordained is fulfilled.

Received 8-15-01

Will not the sparrow find her food? Will I not meet your every need? When you trust Me for your needs, I am pleased. I say to the angels, “He is Mine.”

I have made you in My image and likeness. I have put My Spirit within you. I have given you life and life more abundant. Even now I shower you with gifts of mercy and grace. I can’t stop loving you. You are precious to Me.

Received 9-15-01

The days of My sorrow have ended. I see My people humbling themselves before Me. “Where is our protector?” they say. Now those in the world will see My mighty hand. The pride of this world will be brought low, but those who acknowledge Me will be raised up. Do not put your trust in the strength of your armies, but look to Me as the One who goes before you to destroy the wicked. Now is the time to proclaim your faith in Me with great boldness. Do not allow your hearts to be full of anger and judgment. Be patient for I am with you to comfort you.

Received 9-25-01

There will be no rest for the wicked. I will pursue those who harm My people. I will be the avenger for My righteous judgments will stand. Do not look at the circumstances and chaos, but focus on Me. I will rescue you from the snare of the evil one. My hand will cover you to protect you. Do not fear.

Examine yourselves to see if there be any wickedness there. Do not be like your enemies. Where is your heart? Are you pursuing your own desires or are you seeking Me and My will? Call upon Me and I will help you. I love you and I have loved you from the beginning.

Received 10-6-01

Great is the reward for those who seek Me. They are precious in My sight. I will be a strong tower for them. I will go before them to make a way in the wilderness. Where is your heart? Yes I know you, but do you know yourself? Where is your focus? Do you know where you are going?

Do not be fearful during these times. Rest in My peace and love. Do not fear the one who can kill the body, but fear the One who can destroy both body and spirit. Pray without ceasing. Let words of praise be on your lips.

Oh how I long for the sons of Jacob to return to Me. They are constantly before Me. When their hearts are soft and tender, I will pour out My Spirit and they shall be changed. They shall see their Maker. They shall recognize the One whom they pierced. Soon you will see what I am doing. Look carefully at what is happening and you will see My hand at work.

Received 10-12-01

Wait upon Me. Sit in My presence. Think about the cross.

I did all of that for you.

When you come to be with Me for eternity, you will gaze on My face and see the great love I have for you.

Received 10-23-01

There is confusion in the land. My people are scattered. Where is the leadership? Where is the clear message from My prophets? What are My shepherds doing? This is a time for prayer and humility. It is not a time to do as you please. I will heal your land if you call upon Me. Your streams are polluted and your hearts are covered with sin. Your children are full of rebellion and strife. My name is mocked and cursed by people who don’t know Me. They are proud and rebellious. Proclaim a day of mourning and seeking after Me. Let your heart and spirit be touched and changed by My Spirit. Open your eyes to what is happening around you. Don’t be satisfied until you know My heart and see what I am doing. Don’t let the wind of patriotism deceive your thinking. Examine yourselves with My Word before you. How do you measure up?

Come to Me, the lover of your souls and I will hold you and comfort you.

Received 11-2-01

The name of the Lord is a strong tower. Come to Me and find rest for your souls. Do not let fear be your companion and guide. Look to Me and find strength and comfort. Express your faith in Me to the world. Renew your faith through My Word. Meditate on my precepts and truths. Let your thoughts dwell on Me. I will not disappoint you. Encourage those around you with these truths.

Received 11-16-01

The days of trial are near, but do not be afraid. Watch for Me to do great and mighty things in My people. I discipline those I love and I prune back those of Mine to make them even more fruitful. My ways are not your ways and do not expect Me to act in the way you might think. For I am a creative God and I will do a new work in you if you let Me. My grace will be sufficient for you. Trust Me and recognize My deep love for you.

Received 11-29-01

If your heart is right toward Me, I will reach out and hold you as a mother does to comfort her child. I will speak words of life to you to restore your soul. You will rest in My arms. If you stray from Me, I will draw you back with snares before you. You will find only emptiness and misery apart from Me. What I am doing today is not new. I do not change. My love for My people is the same. I stretch forth My hand to the wayward one. I laugh at the rebellious in their haughtiness and foolishness. I will give them what their pride deserves. Intercede for the lost around you. Do not take your salvation for granted. Remember that you once were lost. I can be moved by My people when they pray. I would rather give mercy than judgement, salvation than destruction and life over death.

Received 12-2-01

The Lord is calling His people. The Lord is calling His people by name. “Come away My beloved. Come be with Me. Come drink from My fountain of living water. Let your heart be transformed and renewed by My presence. When I speak, you will hear and listen. No longer will you stumble and turn aside from My path. You will know the way for I will hold your hand to guide you. I will whisper in your ear. I will encourage you with words of comfort and life. I will block out the voices of the world and those of the enemy. Peace I leave you, peace I give you. Not as the world knows, but as comes to the heart from the Holy Spirit.”

Received 12-12-01

There is a time to be ready and the time is now. Examine yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to show you what is needed. Prepare your heart by yielding to My will and purpose for you. Remove the distractions of this world and seek My face. Let Me imprint My will on your heart and soul. Let Me direct your path. If you do these things, you will be blessed and My kingdom will be advanced.

Received 12-20-01

The ways of this world will not satisfy. Why choose what will fail? Seek the treasure that will last forever, the joy of knowing Me. Give the gift of love to all you meet. Fill your life with the things of My kingdom. Take and drink deeply from the well of life. Allow My Spirit to transform you and mold you into My image. Put aside your faulty thinking and renew your mind with My Word.

The sea is full of fish. When you try to look at them you cannot do it because the amount of water is so great. When you look at the inner man, there are many layers of past beliefs and thinking to get past before you find what is really there. I see into your heart with out anything to block My vision. There is nothing hid from My sight. I know your needs and weaknesses. I know what gives you pleasure. Do you want to see what I see? You are not the same as before you knew Me. I have been doing a lot of changing. What I have done is very pleasing to Me. Are you willing to let Me do more? What is in your inner man will live on. Blessed is the man who will stand before Me in My Son’s righteousness.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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