Received 1-1-11

I make all things new. I forgive and restore. I plant seeds of life and they grow. I renew and revive what has gone cold. I have made the seasons of a year for variety and renewal. I make the seasons of a man’s life for the same purpose – to give variety, growth and change of purpose. You will walk down a different path beginning this year. Look for My guidance. Do not presume with your mind, but wait upon My wisdom and leading. You will be blessed if you do this. Don’t just fill up the time with activities and projects that have no lasting value, but seek what is eternal and life-giving.

Received 1-6-11

Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and wail over your sins which are many. Humble your self before Me and seek My forgiveness and healing. You are proud and full of yourself. You judge and are cold to those who are lost and hurting. Let Me wash you with the water of My Word and cleanse your heart. Let Me take away your disgrace and sin. No one is righteous in My sight. Let Me cover you with My robe of righteousness. Let My blood wash away your sins.

 Received 1-11-11

On this day you will know that I am God. You will witness the skies opening up and My glory revealed. The stars will all praise Me today. I am Lord of all creation. I am Lord of all mankind.

Received 1-14-11

Expect great things from Me and of Me. Believe Me and My Word. Express your faith in Me in your words and deeds. Love is the key to reach the unreached. They desire to be loved and noticed. I will give you supernatural wisdom to make up for what is lost in this world, what is in the natural. Trust the leading of the Spirit. Train your spirit to respond to the voice of the Spirit. You will not have a long-term plan or direction. Instead each day will have its own plan and leading from My Spirit. You will learn to walk in faith. You will see Me at work through you to bless those you meet. You will know that it is not from yourself. You will be amazed. People will be blessed, but remember to give Me the glory.

Purpose each day to be different, to profess to be Mine. Live by the Spirit and not by the old man, the flesh and the attraction and deceitfulness of this world. Your desire should be to please Me in all that you say and do. Let My kingdom reign in your heart.

 Received 1-21-11

Don’t be proud. Recognize and acknowledge the source of your abilities and accomplishments. Humble yourself before Me. Let Me be your reward. Let Me say “Well done good and faithful servant.” Seek My approval. For what I want, the world will hate. What I desire, the world rejects. Seek first the kingdom of God. Set your mind on things above where I am. Don’t live to please your self or to please other men, but live to please Me.

 Received 1-26-11

My heart is grieving over the complacency and apathy and hypocrisy of My people. They profess to Mine, but they are far from Me. They seem to be with Me on Sunday, but don’t live for Me at other times. Those in the world are confused and misled when they look upon those who profess to be Mine. Their words don’t match their lives. Where is the love? Where is the caring? Instead, there is selfishness and pride.

I will stir up My people. I will not be mocked in this way. My Name will be honored. What their flesh cannot do because of sin, My Spirit will do with His transforming power and loving grace. I will chastise the proud until they humble themselves and repent. I will cause them to seek Me. Yes, I can see the swelling of the prayers even now as My people return. The world will take notice. The Enemy is angry and he is at work with those who oppose the truth to persecute My people. His plan will backfire as usual, for My people will shine as lights in the darkness.

The time is short. Make each day count for My glory. Subdue your flesh and make it a slave to your spirit. Call upon Me and My power will work in you. The mind can’t comprehend the working of My Spirit in the spiritual realm. Exercise your faith to bring the victory through prayer in every situation.  

 Received 1-30-11

Be at peace. I will open up new doors of opportunity for you. If you will open your self up to others around you and if you will take note of their lives and start being a friend, then I will bring many into your life. Just as you want to be noticed and loved and appreciated, this is also what everyone desires. Wake up My love in your heart and give it expression to others. I am calling you to intercession.

 Received 2-3-11

Yes, I will speak to you as much as you are willing to listen. I have great plans for you, not as the whole sees them, but those things, which will glorify Me and build up My Kingdom. Even now you have tasted the rising up in your spirit the freedom and joy of sharing your faith. If you continue to do so, this will become a part of who you are. My ways are not your ways. Do not think with your own understanding alone, but know that what I can do is greater than you could imagine or think. Do I not hold the stars in place and know them all by name. Can you do this?

Love the unlovable. Give of yourself to others. Share with those who have need. You will witness My storehouse of supply for those you help and for yourself. Don’t turn away from those in need. Offer your prayers and offer yourself. Give hope and words of life.

 Received 2-11-11

I have shown you what you are to do. Walk in My words of life and you will bless others. My Spirit will guide you and the doors will be opened. Be tuned in to what I am doing. My grace will cover you. Give My love away. Speak My Name and I will touch their hearts.

 Received 2-21-11

My Words are going forth and My people are hearing. My Kingdom is being established. Rejoice and be glad. Let your heart rise with anticipation. Let your mind and thoughts dwell on the things above and on the truth of My Word. You will be filled with faith and hope. Nothing will disturb you for your trust is in what never changes – My love and grace poured out. 

I love those who seek after Me. They will find the desire of their heart. I am a God who reveals. Like an onion skin peeled back in layer after layer, I will reveal more and more of My truth, wisdom, love, grace. My character will be built into your lives as you face new opportunities and challenges. I am the God who provides and reveals. My storehouse is always full. Feast at My table of delights. Hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Intercede as if you were by My side. See what My eyes gaze upon. Respond to the moving of My Spirit. Join your prayers with My will and share in the harvest of blessings being poured out. The enemy is being diverted and is exposed in his ugly deathly ways. The depravity of sinful man is being made known. The false religions of this world are empty and without hope. Do not judge, but express love and truth.

True freedom comes from a heart washed in the blood of the Lamb. Nothing can take away that freedom and joy. A song of praise is given and sung over and over. The chains of sin are broken. The fruit of righteousness is given. A heart is reborn to live in the fullness of life with Me for all eternity. Rejoice and be glad.

 Received 2-26-11

Much grace shall be given to cover your weaknesses and sin. Live in the world of My Spirit as if He were there with you, guiding you, speaking words of life through you, empowering you to do what you could not do, giving you insight and wisdom.

 Received 3-1-11

Today examine yourself with the light of My Spirit. Purge out what hinders you: the sins, the hurts, the disappointments, the unfulfilled hopes. Repent and believe in a fresh way, empowered by the Spirit. Let My Presence overshadow you. I will reveal Myself to you. Die again to the old man. Become the new man, full of faith with an attitude of obedience and a song of praise in your heart.

The world has nothing to offer for it has been corrupted by sin. Do not love the world or the things in it. Rather seek the things of the Spirit and the Kingdom of God. Pursue righteousness and holiness. Associate with those who love God, who desire to please Him. As this new phase of your life begins, you will see new freedom to walk with Me in the power of My Spirit. This is not for yourself, but for those I will bring in your path. Always remember the source is not of or from you. Many will be blessed and you will be blessed as you see My hand at work.

Pray and intercede for those whom I bring to you in your thoughts and in your paths. My Spirit will teach you how to pray. Exercise and stretch your faith to believe Me and what I will do. I want to bless My people. I want to save the lost and the hurting. I want to pour out My grace, mercy and forgiveness. The time is short and there is much to do. My hand is not too short to accomplish all that I purpose. You are not alone and you will be amazed at what I am doing.

My truth will be your guide. My words will bring life and direction. Open the ears of your spirit to hear My voice for I will speak freely. Your name is written in the palm of My hand. I will give freely from My storehouse of blessings. I will cover you with My wings of protection and healing and deliverance. Your feet will not slip, your strength will not diminish. These are promises for those who seek Me. I will be found and I will reveal Myself. As you sense there is no need to plan out what you should do, for I will guide you daily. Every encounter, every conversation will be your opportunity to bless others and receive blessing. I send My angels before you to make a way in the darkness to be a herald. Go in the power and authority of My Name on your lips. Speak oracles to set the captives free, to open the eyes of the blind, to bring hope and deliverance. Proclaim the truth.

Received 3-3-11

Bring life and encouragement to those you meet. Pass on My love. Bless your family and friends. Bear their burdens before Me. Let Me carry them.

Received 3-6-11

Even today there is life. Life brings forth more life. The way of the world brings death, but the way of My Spirit brings life and health. Seek to know My righteousness. My grace is sufficient. My truth endures forever. My Words bring life. Let your heart be filled with joy and peace.

 Received 3-7-11

The battle is raging in the heavens and in the minds of people. The Enemy knows the times are short and he is attacking and stirring up trouble and strife everywhere. Division means he is at work. The wages of sin is death. There will come a time of judgment and everything will be exposed and laid bare. No excuses, no discussion as all will face the Giver of Life, the Eternal One, the Righteous Judge. The tares will be separated from the wheat. The goats will be separated from the sheep.

Who can stand on My holy hill? He who has a clean heart and has not lifted up his heel against his brother. Where can such a man be found? There is none who qualify. All have fallen short. Repent and humble yourself before God. Accept My Son’s cleansing and sacrifice. Put on His righteousness and holiness. Submit to the Spirit and live. Always be mindful of how My grace and mercy has covered you. There is nothing in you that hasn’t been corrupted by the sinful nature. Only by My blood and grace can you come before Me.

Do you want revival? Then repent and humble yourself before Me. Do not judge the sins of others, but examine your own heart.

 Received 3-12-11

My grace is sufficient and My power is known to all who love Me and who do My will. Rest and be renewed for the battle is coming. Even now intercede for those who are facing difficulties that they would call upon Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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